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Expansion control of glass-lined reaction tanks

In the use of glass lined reaction tanks need to pay more attention to the expansion of this aspect of the problem, to avoid the use of expansion and damage to the reaction tank equipment. So how to control the expansion in the face of this aspect of the problem?

Glass lined reaction tank parts of different working temperatures and aluminum alloy piston and cast iron cylinder liner expansion characteristics of the different, resulting in the control of the piston skirt and cylinder liner clearance difficulties. An effective skirt shape also cannot overcome the different expansion rates between the piston and cylinder. Moreover, a small clearance determined under a large engine load can result in excessive clearance and cylinder knocking noise under partial load. In order to control the piston skirt cylinder clearance, so that it is neither too small and cause cylinder pulling and biting, but also not too large and cause noise and vibration, in the piston skirt and pin base symmetrically embedded casting a pair of steel, and will be along the skirt around the appropriate extension of the steel piece and the surrounding material together to form a bimetallic sheet, thermal expansion along the vertical direction of the piston pin axis contraction. This piston in the ring groove and the skirt of the transition section is not open thermal groove, heat flow can be smoothly transferred to the skirt, so a ring groove area of the temperature is lower than the groove piston, strength is also relatively high. Using the skirt set steel or steel ring method to control thermal expansion.


So everyone in the operation of the use of glass-lined reaction tanks must be strictly controlled, in accordance with the correct method of operation, so as to make the equipment more normal, stable operation, so that the work effect becomes better.

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