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How to install the glass lined reactor equipment in the plants

Installation of Glass Lined Equipments

1) Removing

The lugs are only lifting places (when unpackaged). Do not roll or use crossbar,avoid vibrating or bumping. Pulling pipes or clamps is forbidden.

2) Lifting

Wire rope must be hitched on arranged position such as supports and lugs.Handle with care.Dont collide. The lift hooks on the head are only used to sing the head.

3) Inspecting before assembling

The inspector, whose shoes should be ribber-soft and clear, gets into the vessel to inspect whether the glass-lined surface was damaged, or whether there were abnormal phenomena.

4) Fixing flange

Alone the diagonal line direction, tighten screw bolts gradually. Put forth your strength evenly so as to damaging the glass-lined layer.

5) Fixing clamps

Firstly check the intergration and quantity of clamps. When fixing, keep the equal distance between clamps,tighten up with required torque in order to assure operating safely and sealing reliably.

6) Installing agitator

A. Firstly put the agitator into the vessel(put a soft mat on the bottom of the vessel before handing), then lift the head and take its predetermined place, and covered the shaft with sealing device, lift up the agitator, connect it with the output shaft of motor, and lock them with check nut and check bolt.

B. Firstly adjust levelness of the vessel, then adjust the axiality and perpendicularity of shaft and seal according to technical specification. Turn the agitator slowly. If there were no abnormal phenomena, fill water into the vessel, and carry out the test run.

7) Selecting gasket

Selecting the gaskets based on the medium category, concentration and temperature. The performance and using method of the gasket should meet the technological requirements.We can provide the gasket, such as asbestos filled rubber or gasket covered with PTFE.

8) Welding

A. Do not weld at the external surface of glass-lined vessel.

B. When welding nozzles, lugs and supports use electric welding and take cooling measure.Gas welding is strictly prohibited.

C. When welding the outside fittings, the glass-lined surface and nozzles must be covered tightly to avoid damaging by splashing welding slag.

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