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Application of enamel reactor

The applications of enamel reactors is closely related to their performance. It is precisely because of the unique properties of the enamel reactor that combines withstand pressure and corrosion resistance, and its price is much cheaper than that of stainless steel equipment, so the advantages greatly expand the scope of enamel application, so that it can be applied to multiple In the field, the following small series briefly introduces the role of the enamel reactor:

1. Good insulation, can be used as high-voltage insulation coating for high-frequency motors and transformers.

2. Enamel reactor has good mechanical properties, wear resistance, pressure resistance, can be made into bearing sleeves, ship propellers. 

3. stable thermal performance, can be made into exhaust pipes for cars, tractors and trains, industrial chimneys and high temperature parts in aircraft, rockets and some of the radiation source materials in atomic energy technology.

4. Due to stable chemical properties, it can resist the corrosion of organic acids, inorganic acids and alkalis. The enamel reactor can also be used to make reaction pots and reaction towers in the chemical industry. It is an indispensable anti-corrosion material in the chemical industry. The enamel reactor has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength and is an excellent corrosion-resistant device. Under numerous chemical reaction conditions, the enamel reactor can also replace expensive stainless steel containers.


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