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One of large pharmaceutical company visited our company

Today, two customers from a famous Indian pharmaceutical company came to visit our factory. These two Indian customers, one is the company's engineer and the other one is the purchasing manager. The purpose of the visit is mainly to inspect the glass lined reactor equipment of our company. Accompanied by the foreign trade department of our company, the customer see some glass lined reactor equipment in our plant. After that, we disgussed on the company's strength, development planning, product sales and products.What’s more, the revision requirements were discussed in detail.


This large pharmaceutical company is well-known in the Indian market.They have strict equipment technology requirements.They decided to visit our company after several screenings. Before coming, the customer came with worries and doubts, becauseone of a supplier that the customer had previously worked with had serious quality problems in the customer's production process, causing some losses, but after visiting our factory, the customer's doubts  disappreared. Because customers have seen our strict monitoring of the production process and the standardization of production technology.


Good products and  service are the most powerful marketing. Customers agree with our company's philosophy of not only providing products but also providing services. We also take the responsibility of providing customers with high-quality glass lined reactor and other related equipment they need.

After the visiting, the customers made a good evaluation of our company. They said that through this visit, they have seen the mature technology and humble attitude of our company, We are looking forward the in-depth cooperation with each other.

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

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