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Shortcomings of enamel reactor products

Enamel reactors have five major characteristics: corrosion resistance, non sticky, isolation, insulation and freshness. But enamel reactors so have five major shortcomings.

1. tolerance of temperature difference and sudden change of energy

When the finished product is fired, the glaze changes from semi liquid to solid when the product is cooled below 400 degrees Celsius. Because the thermal expansion coefficient of metal billet is larger than that of non-metallic ceramic layer, when the product continues to cool to normal temperature, the porcelain layer is in the compressive stress state. The expansion coefficient of porcelain glaze is 20% to 35% smaller than that of the metal body, and the expansion coefficient of the porcelain layer is 5% to 15% smaller than that of the metal body. It shows that the shrinkage of the metal is large from 400 to the normal temperature, and the shrinkage of the porcelain layer is small, and the porcelain layer is in the pressure stress.

2. Glass lined materials resist poor mechanical impact and elongation of glass cracks.

The mechanical impact strength of porcelain layer is related to the hardness, compressive strength, bending strength, elasticity and dense strength of the porcelain layer. The porcelain layer is a vitreous body, which is a brittle material, and the stress resistance of the concentrated point is poor.

3. Glass lined material has great thermal resistance

High thermal resistance indicates poor heat transfer performance of materials, and almost all chemical processes involve heat transfer. The heat transfer rate of glass-lined products is slow, which is mainly manifested by the heat transfer speed of jacket and the response speed which affects the temperature measurement of casing.

4. The limitation of corrosion resistance of 4 layers

The glaze enamel is not resistant to the corrosion of hydrofluoric acid and fluorine containing solution, and the alkali resistance is also poor. Especially when the temperature rises, the corrosion phenomenon will become serious. At this time, a suitable glaze can be selected according to the technological requirements, and the formulation of the glaze shall be properly adjusted.

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