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What are the current problems in the glass-lined equipment industry?

Due to the professionalism of the glass-lined equipment, the local supervisory department is not familiar with glass-lined equipment. What are the current problems in the glass-lined equipment industry?

It is always considered to have a metal casing to ensure safe use. Therefore, the supervision department of the local technical supervision department has loopholes in the supervision of the glass-lined manufacturing enterprises. For a long time, the glass curtain wall manufacturing industry has serious violations and non-existent violations. T is manufactured according to standard requirements.

  In recent years, with the development of China's economy and the increase in basic investment, the market demand for stainless steel reactors has increased year by year. It is not uncommon for companies to use hundreds of glass-lined equipment, and market coverage continues to expand. In 2007, the total output of China's enamel equipment was about 12 to 13 tons, equivalent to about 5 to 6 sets of synthetic equipment, and its output ranked first in the world. Process specifications continue to increase. At present, the maximum production capacity of the glass-lined reactor is 8 million liters, and the maximum capacity of the storage container is 100,000 L (Jiangsu Yangyang can make the product less than 100,000 liters). The product quality, manufacturing capacity and technical level are very large with the D type. different. For example, in Germany, the United States and Japan, the average service life of glass enamel equipment in foreign countries is more than eight years. The average service life of enamel equipment in China is only three years, only a few months, enamel equipment. T is set by many users to be high value and easy to consume.

  With the sharp rise in raw materials such as steel plates and the increase in new companies, the market competition is fierce. In order to maintain the survival of enterprises, most enterprises have low profits, large output value and low profit. This low-price competition makes enamel equipment manufacturers generally have problems of slow equipment renewal and backward talent training. Business development is slow. There is no human or financial resources to improve product structure, improve production processes, and improve product quality, resulting in low levels of long-term repetition.

  According to incomplete statistics, there are about 112 glass-glass container manufacturers in China, with about 87 production companies. Prior to the cancellation of the glass enamel production license, the glass equipment production license for obtaining the production license was 68 companies (multiple companies). The enterprise does not have the conditions for obtaining evidence, nor is it applicable. Among them, 13 are mixer manufacturers, and the production conditions of each enterprise are uneven and the difference is large. Some small businesses have only one burner, simple tools and some experienced workers. They buy iron tires from companies with qualifications for pressure vessel manufacturing. After the glass is sold out, after the glass is finished, the assembly of the jacket is completed, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Glass Enamel Production License In October 2007, many of these companies entered the market and competed with formal enterprises, seriously disrupting market order.

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