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The rupture of the glass-lined chemical reactor will not be repaired, but it must be understood

Enamel reactors are common in everyday life. However, when the enamel reactor ruptures, we should keep it in time, and we should keep the following in mind:

1. Strictly test the flammable, explosive and toxic media in the tank, fail to achieve safety objectives, and must not enter the human body.

2. When grinding or welding, there must be protective masks (anti-virus and anti-slag to damage the face and eyes).

3. There must be ventilation in the tank.

4. Pay special attention to the residual medium in pipes, gaskets, and other corners, and let the construction workers volatilize, burn or poison due to the increase in the temperature inside the tank (eg, welding in the tank, splashing of welding slag).

5. Two people must repair, one in the tank and one in the tank.

6. When a person enters the enamel reactor, the power of the mixer motor must be cut off. The inlet valve of the medium must be closed and must be on duty.

7, must wait until the recovery is completely solidified before feeding.

8, when the metal matrix corrosion holes need to be welded, should be all welding and intermittent welding. When the temperature of the enamel layer around the welded part exceeds 200 °C, the welding should be stopped, the cooling measures should be taken, and then the temperature should be re-welded. Otherwise, the surrounding glass layer will burn the porcelain in a wide range.

After welding, the inner cylinder or water jacket water pressure test shall be carried out. After passing the repair, repair shall be carried out. After repairing and welding, it is best to place the enamel reaction kettle 2 to 3 days after the surface treatment, and use the grinding wheel to clean the enamel layer around the weld seam. The new metal surface is ground and must be cleaned and cleaned. In short, the correct material selection and reasonable construction process are the guarantee of successful repair.

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