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Zibo Tanglian chemical equipment co.,ltd compare with others

Zibo Hanlian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. equipment manufacturing and other company's differences and advantages are as follows:


1. Enamel is made of blue-resistant, strong-hard enamel imported from Japan.


2. All nozzles and live flanges use 10Kg specifications, and the flanges are steel galvanized. The general manufacturers are all 6Kg, and the live flange material is cast iron.


3. All reducer frames are self-manufactured steel DJ frames, making the transmission part run more smoothly and with greater torque.


4. The company introduced a large-scale CNC four-roller coiling machine to make the tank roundness error smaller and extend the life of the equipment.


5. The automatic welding rate of all equipment reaches more than 80%, and the product qualification rate reaches 99.99%.


6. The nozzles of all nozzles are made by stamping, making the size of the nozzle of the equipment more accurate and more in line with the standards.


 The company is a professional manufacturer of development, design, and manufacture of glass-lined equipment. It has developed the following new products:


1. Glass-lined tube condenser


2. Glass thin film evaporator


3. Efficient reaction tank for glass-white enamel products


4. GMP-compliant stainless steel glazing equipment


5. Efficient 6-hole disc condenser with high vacuum and high negative pressure

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