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Can it be used to produce dyes and pigments?

    The raw material of dyes and pigments are mainly coal chemical and petrochemical products. Then the intermediates were made by chemical reactions, such as nitrification, sulfonation, halogenation, reduction, alkali dissolution, ammoniation, hydrolysis, acylation. The intermediates synthesize the original dye by unit reactions such as alkylation. diazotization, closed-loop. coupling, condensation, etc. In the above two steps, the raw materials are made into dyes by chemical reaction, high temperature. Because of the corrosivity of reactants and the temperature, pressure requirements during reaction process, not any equipment can be used to produce dyes.

    Glass lined reactors can help dyes and pigments manufacturers to solve the problems of corrosion, high temperature, pressure. Which meets the conditions of dye production: corrosion resistance, high -temperature resistance, airtight pressure vessel.

    It is composed of two layers of carbon steel and one layer of glass enamel. Porcelain glaze is lined in the carbon steel to achieve corrosion resistance, between two layers of carbon can be heated and cooled by steam, water, oil to accelerate the completion of chemical and physical reactions. The agitator in the container is driven by the motor to achieve more fully react. Mechanical seals prevent the release of harmful gases produced in the reaction, thus protecting the environment.

    The glass lined reactor is made according to the temperature, pressure, and corrosion of reaction, so the R&D team must understand the reaction conditions.


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