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The performance application range of the glass lined reactor

The glass lined reactor is widely used in the chemicalpharmaceuticalslight and other industries, industrial glass lined reactors are mainly composed of glass lined reaction tank and glass lined storage tank. In the latest 10 years, with the development of glass lined industry, the structure of the glass lined equipment products is constantly developing. Glass lined heat transfer condenserglass lined film evaporator and glass lined filter also changed.

Due to the glass lined equipment is in high temperaturehigh pressurecorrosive medium for along time, in the process of operation, glass lined reactor is easy to detonate the porcelain, and the metal matrix is exposed to explosive porcelain parts. Because of the corrosive medium, the metal matrix is corroded. In many large chemical enterprise, the production of metal matrix is continuous. Even if the area is small ,it also affect the qualityquantity and normal production of entire plant. Therefore the maintenance of breakage equipment should be noticed.

Glass lined rector has excellent acid resistancealkali resistanceimpact resistance and temperature resistance, which also brings good economic benefits to the enterprise.


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