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The reason of chemical enterprises choose glass-lined repair agent

    The glass-lined reactor is largely used in the chemical industry, due to  the corrosive mediumthe reaction condition cold-hot changetransportationuseartificial and other problems, various glass-lined layer breakages are found to result in unnecessary production stoppage, such as a large area off, it is recommended that return to the factory to re-enamel. The glass-lined reactor price is high, minor breakage is not necessary to update entire equipment, which needs to choose the appropriate repair method, with glass-lined repair agent to repair immediately, otherwise, the reactor will be corroded by solvent in the reactor, the breakage of glass-lined surface area will expand rapidly, and  resulting in production stoppagesafety accidents and environmental pollution and other unpredictable losses.

    The glass-lined repair agent for small areas of the glass-lined reactor breakage brought good news, but also saving for chemical enterprises to save a lot of costs


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