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What are the malfunctions of the glass-lined reactor breakage?

The use of the glass-lined reactor is large and wide,making process is also very unique,so the cost of it is high. Because in the use of the glass-lined reactor, its use condition are often  extremely bad, it generally be used in strong corrosivestrong acid alkaline or high temperaturelow temperature and other environments, so the materials used are very strict. But there are still some conditions that many people are worried about, that is, when there are various malfunctions,because once the glass-lined is damaged, need to stop production and maintenance, so that the progress of the enterprise will lag behind.

In fact , the glass-lined reactor is generally not much problem, the service life is also long. But due to it is made of high-silica glass lined on the inner surface of a steel vessel, and after firmly attached on the metal surface by high temperature burning become a composite product. So it has the advantage of good corrosion resistance, but also has the defect of surface brittle. However , in the glass-lined reactor operation process due to vibration impact and other composite forces, metal component will produce a “hard-to-hard” relationship. With the extension of time, the partial impact deformation becomes permanent deformation, and the recovery stress decreases, forming a gap which eventually results in wear and tear of the parts with relatively low hardness.   

The most common ones are transmission parts(bearing chamber) wearsurface local breakagereactor inlet wearreactor outlet wearreactor wall local breakagereactor entry hole breakagebreakage of connecting parts, etc.


Corroded discharge mouth

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