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The characteristics of the glass lined condenser

    Glass lined condenser is widely used in chemicalmedicalpetroleum and other products, which is a kind of condensation equipment with small volumelight weighcompact structure. There are row tube glass lined condenser and disc condenser. The following is an introduction to the characteristics of the condenser.

1、Small volumelight weighcompact structure. A 10 square P1 type glass lined disc condenser filled with cooling water is only 960 kg.

2、The condensation efficiency of this equipment can be improved by 1-2 times compared with glass lined sleeve condensergraphite heat exchanger with the same area.

3、Insulation, glass layer by 20KV high voltage detection, to non-conductive  as qualified.

4、After a certain period of use , if there is damage to the parts , local replacement or reduction of a single piece will not result in the scrapping or shutdown of the whole machine. Greatly prolong the service life of the whole machine.

5、The condensation of hot air flow is exchange by the reverse phase flow of hot air flow and cooling water. The sheet spacing is small and uniform, and the confluence can effectively improve the condensation efficiency and eliminate the air flow leakage when the medium is diffused repeatedly. In general, tap water can be used as condensate to achieve good condensation effect. If necessary, the cooling water can be layer and parallel in and out, and the condensation efficiency can be greatly improved.


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