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The discharge valve of the glass lined reactor(2)

The selection of some working conditions is described as follow:

1、The down-spread type discharge valve is suitable for the crystal material, the  discharge effect is ideal for the material with large particle size . Due to the sealing valve disc is F46 material, the temperature resistance is below 100℃,and it is not wear-resistance, so we must pay attention to it. Specific use, can be replaced with tetrafluorine materials, so that the temperature resistance can also up to 220℃, the wear-resistance has been improved. In the special condition, the particle are sticky can be elongated at the end of the valve core to form thorns, so that they be used as “ furnace brazing” when the valve is continuously open and closed. To achieve the purpose of dredging materials.

2、The up-spread type discharge valve is suitable for the demand of no material accumulation at the bottom of the reactor used in pharmaceutical enterprises. In the special condition, due to adopt up-spread type , the material can be effectively dredged when the material is precipitated .In order to release the material quickly.


The down-spread type discharge valve

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