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The quality of the glass lined reactor

Zibo Yulian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise in the production of glass-lined equipment products in China. The company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, perfect testing methods and advanced technology. The products are produced strictly in accordance with relevant national regulations. Advanced testing methods are adopted, and ultra-low temperature nitrogen test is adopted. The qualified rate of products is 100%.

The external quality and intrinsic quality together determine the quality of the glass lined reactor. The external quality can be characterized by visual inspection and instrumental inspection, while the intrinsic quality is unreasonable in the manufacturing process of the glass lined reactor due to material selection, molding, welding, surface treatment, simmering, etc. The quality control of each process is not strict and is implicit in the equipment. Internal microscopic, intangible defects. Such defects may be exposed during transport, storage or use of the equipment, resulting in equipment failure. Intrinsic defects cannot be detected by any means, and only through strict quality management and scientific and reasonable process discipline can minimize the existence of internal defects. That is to say, in the manufacturing process of the glass lined reactor, each process must be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of each piece of equipment. Since the manufacturer does not process or purchase suitable nozzles and high neck flanges according to the actual thickness of the glass lined reactor steel plate, the nozzles and high neck flanges suitable for use on small-sized equipment are used in large-scale equipment. The difference in thickness of the butt joint is caused. The larger the specification, the more obvious the difference in thickness, and the sudden change in the thickness of the metal substrate with a severe time difference of 6 to 8 mm is extremely detrimental to the quality of the glass layer. Due to the large difference in thickness, the temperature of the glass lined reactor is greatly different at the time of heating and cooling at the time of firing, and a large temperature difference stress remains in the glass layer after cooling. During use, due to temperature changes, residual stress is released to destroy the glass layer. It should also be noted that the high and low temperature differences in the firing process caused by the steepness of the thickness of the metal substrate may cause inconsistencies in the reaction rate of the bismuth glass glaze, resulting in a difference in the microstructure of the bismuth glass layer. The low temperature region has not completed the entire reaction process, and the equipment has been released before the ideal microstructure has been formed.

This kind of defect is completely avoidable. The existence of such defects illustrates the quality neglect and management loopholes of manufacturing companies.


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