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How to check and solve the noise in the glass-lined reactor?

How to check and solve the noise in the glass-lined reactor? In the actual application process, we must pay attention to regular maintenance and overhaul, which is of vital importance for improving safety and prolonging its service life. Here we will check if there is noise during the use of the glass-lined reactor. And solve the following suggestions:

1. First of all, it is necessary to know where the noise of the glass-lined reactor will appear, which will appear in two places: one is the part of the transmission outside the kettle, that is, the motor, reducer, seal, etc., and the other is the attachment part of the kettle. , that is, a stirrer, a temperature sleeve, a baffle device, and the like.

2. Outside the murmur: This is a good judgment. According to the place where the noise is emitted, it is judged whether it is a motor, a reducer or a seal. If it is a motor or a reducer, it is necessary to see if there is a problem with the oil or the bearing; if it is sealed Where, if it is a single machine seal, there may be problems with the static ring or the moving ring. If it is a double machine seal, pay attention to the lubrication of the balance tank, pressure gauge, etc., and whether the water circulation device of the water jacket has any problem. There are bolts or clips in various parts of the motor, reducer, seal, etc., if loose, it will also cause the occurrence of noise, and then solve the problem after clear judgment, relatively simple.

3. Noise in the kettle: The radial or axial runout of the stirrer is increased, causing noise or collision with the temperature sleeve or baffle device to make a noise. This is the most common cause, which may be caused by:

    (1) There are quality problems in the agitator itself, such as straightness, insufficient wall thickness, unqualified coupling, etc.;

    (2) The use time is too long, because the high temperature and other reasons cause the stirrer to deform to a certain extent;

    (3) Loose connection with the machine seal and reducer coupling, causing the stirrer to loosen. When these conditions occur, the stirrer will increase the radial or axial runout. In addition to the noise during the rotation, it may also cause friction or collision with the temperature sleeve and baffle device to cause noise. The appearance of noise in the kettle has certain concealment, and it is necessary to find out in time to avoid irreparable damage caused by enamel damage caused by long-term friction or collision.


    (1) If the agitation is not qualified, it is best to replace it. If it is too late to replace, reduce the radial or axial runout of the agitator by tightening the bolts of each part. This problem must also be passed on the qualified agitator. Solid parts bolts are solved;

    (2) If the agitation is loose, it should be solved by tightening the coupling between the agitator and the reducer;

    (3) The increase of radial or axial runout of the agitator may cause damage to the machine seal, such as moving ring and static ring. Therefore, check whether the seal is damaged during the adjustment process. If it is damaged, replace it. Parts or replacement seals. In addition, if the stirrer has no problem, if the glass warming sleeve or baffle device is loose, it may cause friction or collision with the stirrer. It must be carefully checked and solved if there is an inner coil in the kettle. Also pay attention to check to see if the inner coil rubs or collides with these accessories and then solves them by tightening screws or clips.

4. Once there is noise in the glass-lined reactor, it is necessary to promptly check the location where the noise is found, and solve it according to the specific situation in time to avoid irreparable damage caused by the accumulation of small particles. Especially if the enamel surface is damaged, it is difficult to recover. .


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