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Method for obtaining high temperature in glass-lined reactor

Method for obtaining high temperature in glass-lined reactor

We all know that the operating temperature of the glass-lined reactor is higher, because most of the chemical reactions usually need to be carried out under certain temperature conditions. Therefore, from the technical point of view, the enamel reactor must be able to withstand pressure and withstand temperature changes. To sum up, the methods for obtaining high temperature in glass-lined reactors are generally as follows:

Water heating method for glass-lined reactor

When the reactor reaction temperature is not required to be high, water heating can be used for heating. This type of heating system is available in both open and closed versions. The open-type glass-lined reactor heating system is relatively simple. It consists of a circulating pump, a water tank, a pipe and a regulator for controlling the valve. When high-pressure water is used, the mechanical strength of the reactor is high, and the outer surface of the reactor is welded with a coil. There is a gap between the coil and the wall of the kettle, which increases the thermal resistance and reduces the heat transfer effect.

Steam heating method for glass-lined reactor

If the enamel reactor requires a heating temperature below 100 degrees Celsius, it can be heated by steam below one atmosphere; when the heating temperature is in the range of 100-180 degrees Celsius, saturated steam can be used; when the temperature is higher, high pressure overheating should be used. steam.

Heating of other media in the glass-lined reactor

If the reaction medium process in the reactor is required to operate at high temperatures or to avoid the use of a high-pressure heating system, other media may be used instead of water to drink steam, such as mineral oil (275 ° C ~ 300 ° C), diphenyl ether mixture ( Boiling point 258 degrees Celsius), molten salt (140 degrees Celsius ~ 540 degrees Celsius), liquid lead (melting point 327 degrees Celsius).

Electric heating method of glass-lined reactor

The electric resistance wire is wound around the insulating layer of the reactor body or is mounted on a special insulator at a certain distance from the reaction vessel, so that a small space gap is formed between the electric resistance wire and the reactor body.

In the first three methods, the jacket is installed on the kettle body. Due to the large temperature variation, the jacket and the casing of the glass-lined reactor are subjected to temperature changes to generate temperature difference pressure. When using electric heating, the equipment is light and simple, the temperature is easy to adjust, and the pump, stove, chimney and other facilities are not needed, the driving is also very simple, the risk is not high, the cost is low, but the operating cost is higher than other heating methods, thermal efficiency Below 85%, it is suitable for heating temperatures below 400 degrees Celsius and where the price of electricity is lower.


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