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Method for correctly operating the glass lined reactor stirring

Glass lined reactors are widely used in many industries such as chemicals, rubber, medicine, pesticides, food, dyes, etc. The correct use of glass lined equipment can extend the life of equipment. Zibo Yulian Company will introduce the operation method of glass lined reactor stirring.

1. In the process of dropping and heat preservation, the temperature and pressure of the glass lined reaction kettle should be checked frequently. The materials in the reaction kettle should be inspected comprehensively, and the materials in the reaction kettle should be checked. When the temperature and pressure of the reactor and the interface of the material are abnormal, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in time to adhere to the normal reaction form to prevent equipment and personal accidents.

2. When the glass reactor material is taken, it must be stirred for more than 2 minutes to ensure that there are no other safety hazards before stopping. It is not easy to use the easy-to-drop, hard metal container to take out the glass-lined reactor for sampling, so as not to hurt the appearance of the glass.

3. After the materials are put into the glass-lined reactor, the relevant valves should be re-adjusted to the appropriate opening and closing position. The stirring can be started. The initial mixing should be enhanced. If the reactor is found to have distinct sounds and vibrations, it is urgent. Parking disposal. If there is a solid powder in the glass-lined reactor, it needs to be fully dissolved before stirring can be started.

4. The electric heating glass-lined reactor needs to open the circulating water of the condenser before heating. The bypass valve should be opened first. After slowly opening the steam valve and draining the water, the tube bypass valve, and the steam trap stops the hydrophobic task to preheat the jacket.

Proper use of the reactor can extend the life of the equipment and reduce the cost of use. Everyone must pay attention to the operation.


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