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How to tell if the glass lined reactor is refurbished

If the Glass lined reaction kettle is large area of Glass lined damaged, need to sending equipment manufacturer to Glass lined , cost is about a quarter of their new purchase, so, sometimes we prefer to buy a new equipment better, also don't want to go to repair, but, according to many consumers to reflect, to buy new Glass lined reaction kettle is also some renovation of Glass lined equipment, the method of how to identify?

(1) see welding, Glass lined reaction tank outer welding if refurbished weld will have repair marks;

(2) in the Glass lined  reaction tank below the material around the mouth of the trace, the new glass lined reaction kettle after the forging welding spray paint appearance is smooth will probably have a little trace of forging;

(3) The renovation of the environment is not the same, although there are some smooth but on the flange of the place will certainly have rust, even if the rust, pit will leave traces.

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