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What should be paid attention to during the operation of enamel reactor?

Notice on the glass lined reactor operating

Chemical Reaction Kettle

The glass lining with high silica content in the enamel reactor is firmly adhered to the metal surface after high-temperature combustion on the inner surface of the steel vessel, becoming a composite product. Therefore, it has the double advantages of glass stability and metal strength, and is an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment. So, what should be paid attention to during the operation of enamel reactor?

1. Pay attention to the sealing of flanges, holes, Manholes, stuffing boxes, mechanical seals, exhaust valves, etc. During the operation of enamel reactor of glass lined reactor. If a leak is found, immediate measures should be taken to prevent the outside world. Leakage led to corrosion of the tire base with flange, and bismuth glass delamination led to cracking of the sealing surface.

2. Add materials with strong thermal reaction into the enamel reactor, keep the cooling water in the jacket unblocked, prevent the cooling water from unblocking in the reactor sealing cavity, and accelerate the instantaneous overpressure damage to the equipment due to the instability of the convex surface in the glass lined reactor.

3. During use, try to avoid the tank shell contacting with acid, so as to avoid the iron tyre corrosion damaging the enamel glass surface. In case of acid contact, neutralize immediately and rinse with water.

4. When the reaction temperature of enamel reactor material exceeds 100, it needs to be cooled. The temperature of the water tank shall be naturally reduced to a certain extent, and then the cooling water shall be slowly sent into the jacket to prevent sudden cooling and heating.

5. When acid and alkali are used alternately, the service life of alkali resistant enamel reactor is shortened. Equipment made of alkali resistant enamel shall be used. In principle, alternate use of acid and alkali shall be avoided.

6. If the transmission equipment has abnormal noise, it shall be checked and handled in time.

7. If the enamel reactor is blocked at the bottom of the glass reactor, do not scrape it with metal tools. It can be opened gently with a bamboo or plastic rod. If any porcelain chips are found during unloading, the damaged porcelain surface shall be opened immediately, repaired and reused.

8. Requirements for operators: the management personnel and operators of glass lined pressure vessels shall hold corresponding special equipment operator certificates. Users of enamel reaction kettle shall regularly conduct education and professional training for pressure vessel operators, and make records to ensure that the operators have the working knowledge and skills required by pressure vessels, update the knowledge in time, and ensure that the operators master the operation. Emergency measures shall be implemented as required.

These are the matters needing attention during the operation of enamel reactor. Its properties are widely used in chemical production, especially in the production of fine chemicals such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals. These are the contents of this issue of news and information. I hope the above contents can help you.