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Maintenance of electric heating reactor

What reasons will affect the price of glass lined reactor

As a corrosion-resistant equipment, glass lined reactor is widely used in the chemical industry. For each customer, the price must be our concern. Do you know what factors affect the price of this equipment?

1. Price of raw materials for manufacturing equipment: the primary manufacturing materials of the reactor are steel and enamel, so the price of domestic steel directly affects the price of glass lined reactor. If the domestic steel price is in the rising stage, the price of the reactor will also rise. The price of enamel also affects the price of equipment. At this time, the enterprise that needs to buy the reactor should carefully study the quotation given by the enterprise that produces the equipment. When the quotation is obviously lower than the average market price, it indicates that the quality of the equipment must not pass the standard, because no enterprise will buy and sell at a loss.

2. Elements of Technology: the technical content of the equipment is high, and the natural sales price is expensive. Therefore, the purchasing enterprise must understand various technical parameters of the equipment. The service life of the same equipment is different. It would rather spend some money to buy equipment with reliable quality.

3. Under the same production cost, the size and production parameters of glass lined reactor are also the primary factors affecting the price: when purchasing, the specifications of equipment should be selected according to the production needs of the enterprise, so as not to waste money. In addition, for equipment of the same specification, we should know more about the prices of several manufacturers, so as not to be deceived by irregular manufacturers.