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What should be paid attention to during the operation of enamel reactor?

What are the reasons for the corrosion of enamel reactor

In the existing chemical industry, enamel reactor is often used, but it will be corroded and aged in the process of use. To solve this problem, we must first know what factors lead to equipment corrosion and aging. So let’s take a look at it.

1. The sealing failure of enamel reactor mainly has the following forms: the failure caused by corrosion, wear, installation, heat loss, operation and other factors. After the disassembly of the mechanical seal for the kettle, the sealing surface is free of scratches and wear, so the physical damage of the sealing surface can be eliminated.

2. Common corrosion of enamel reaction kettle includes corrosion at the contact part with auxiliary seal ring, mechanical seal moving ring, stationary ring, shaft sleeve, stationary ring seat, and some corrosive materials will also cause special corrosion to the metal shaft sleeve, moving ring, stationary ring seat and seal body in contact.

3. Considering that there are many crystals and rust scales in the sealing chamber of the reaction kettle, and in combination with many manifestations of mechanical seal failure, it is preliminarily determined that the crystallinity and corrosivity of the conveyed medium are the main causes of seal failure.

The above is all about the maintenance of the enamel reactor and the causes of corrosion. What we need to remind you here is that the corrosion and aging of the equipment in use are long-standing problems. Only by looking for the source of the problems can we break them one by one, so as to improve their corrosion and aging problems.