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Formation and structure of glass layer in glass lined reactor equipment

What are the methods to distinguish the old and new enamel reactor

Enamel reactor manufacturers usually carry out a series of inspections when purchasing reactors. In order to ensure that the equipment is new, there are various inspection methods. Here, we briefly introduce the common inspection methods used by enamel reactor manufacturers when purchasing equipment.

You can look at the welded junction first. The new enamel reactor is very flat without repair trace, while the outer welded junction of the used enamel reactor generally has repair trace after renovation, which can be observed. In addition, observe whether there are traces around the discharge opening under the reactor body. If the new equipment is forged and welded, the painted surface is very smooth, leaving only a trace of forging, while the condition of renovation is different. Although some will be treated smoothly, there will be rust on the upper flange, even if the rust is removed, there will be traces.

At the steam inlet of the interlayer of the reactor body, the new reactor will generally have steam separation equipment to avoid porcelain falling due to excessive steam impact. If the reactor is old, the gas separation equipment may not exist. Then suggest a way to find a judgment unit to measure the wall thickness with a detector in case of uncertainty.

When we use enamel reactor equipment, we should learn to check the old and new methods. If there is a shortage of experience in this regard, we should try our best to select large enamel reactor manufacturers to purchase the equipment, so as to reduce the renovation probability of the equipment.