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During the use of enamel reactor, it is sometimes necessary to increase the temperature to promote the chemical reaction. In addition to the original heating equipment, in order to save energy, a heat exchange jacket can be added to increase the heating area by using the original heat.

The heat transfer jacket of enamel reactor is generally made of ordinary carbon steel. It is a kind of container, covering the outside of the reactor cylinder to form a sealed space, which is simple and convenient. The jacket is provided with the inlet and outlet of steam, cooling water or other heating and cooling media. If the heating medium is steam, the air inlet pipe shall be close to the upper end of the jacket, and the condensate shall be discharged from the bottom; If the heat transfer medium is liquid, the inlet pipe should be placed at the bottom, and the liquid enters from the bottom and flows out from the top, so that the heat transfer medium fills the entire jacket space. Sometimes, for larger vessels, in order to obtain better heat transfer, spiral baffles are set in the jacket space to reduce the flow area of fluid in the jacket, improve the flow speed of fluid and prevent short circuit, but the structure is complex. When the kettle diameter is large or the heat transfer medium pressure is high, the welded semicircular spiral pipe or spiral angle steel structure is often used to replace the jacket structure. In this way, not only the flow rate of the heat transfer medium and the heat transfer effect can be increased, but also the strength and rigidity of the external pressure of the reactor can be improved.

The height of the jacket of enamel reactor depends on the heat transfer area, which is determined by the process requirements. However, it should be noted that the height of the jacket is generally not lower than the height of the feed liquid and should be about 50~100mm higher than the liquid level in the device to ensure sufficient heat transfer.

It can be seen from the above description that the heat transfer jacket of the enamel reactor can improve the flow rate of the medium, but it needs to be cleaned regularly during use to keep the external surface of the equipment clean and the inner tank bright, so as to achieve long-term stable use.