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What are the common wiring methods of enamel reactor

What are the common wiring methods of enamel reactor

What are the methods to distinguish the old and new enamel reactor

In order to reduce the difficulty in the transmission process of enamel reactor, the parts are usually disassembled, which requires the enterprise to install and connect the products by itself after receiving the products. Because it is related to points and has a certain risk coefficient, enterprises need to grasp certain skills and methods.

1、 Insert the three core cable and the stripped copper wire of the external cable. Then tie it with a thin copper wire. Cut off the rest and press it flat with scissors to prevent hand pricking.

2、 The copper core of the cable on the enamel reactor should be stripped out about 30-35mm long, and the copper wire should be cleaned and polished with emery cloth. Similarly, peel out the copper wire of the external three core cable for 30-35mm and wipe it clean with emery cloth.

3、 The three wire ends shall be firmly welded with solder, and the surface of the welding head shall be lubricated without burr and false welding. If it is not welded firmly or lubricated, it shall be welded again. Stop until required.

4、 When wrapping with polyester insulating tape, be sure to press half of a circle of enamel reactor. (semi folding binding method) bind 8-12 layers and wrap them. Then wrap two layers of plastic tape for strength.

5、 Wrap the three wires together with plastic tape and wrap them in two layers. One layer is more than 50mm beyond the end of the insulation layer of each conductor. The second floor is 50mm beyond the end of the first floor.

6、 The grounding wire of enamel reactor shall also be wrapped according to the requirements of submersible cable wiring process.

7、 After wrapping, take a basin of cold water and safely soak the wrapped wire ends in water. After 12 hours, measure with a 500V megohmmeter that the insulation shall not be less than 50 megohm, otherwise it shall be wrapped again until it reaches the required stop.

The enamel reactor has high technical requirements in the wiring process. When carrying out this work, seek the guidance of professionals or ask the manufacturer to arrange after-sales personnel to ensure the construction safety and the correctness of wiring, and ensure that it will not affect the subsequent application work.