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Tolerance of glass lined reactor

Tolerance of glass lined reactor
Tolerance of glass lined reactor

Glass lined reactor has good heat transfer and low energy consumption. It is an excellent corrosion-resistant material. In addition, it is also alkali resistant, acid resistant and high-pressure resistant. In order to better use the equipment, its tolerance is introduced next, so as to facilitate use.

1. Acid resistance:

It has good corrosion resistance to various organic acids, inorganic acids and organic solvents. If the glass lined sample is boiled in 20% HCI solution for 48h, the corrosion rate is 0.9lg/m2 D (the index of superior products is 1.0g / m2. D).

2. Alkali resistance:

The corrosion resistance of glass lining to alkaline solution is worse than that of acid solution. However, the glass lined sample is corroded in 1n sodium hydroxide solution at 80 ℃ for 48h. The corrosion rate is 6.76g/m2 D (the index of superior products is 7.0g / m2. D).

3. Withstand voltage: the glass lining has good insulation. When the glass lining is checked with 20kV high-frequency electric spark within the specified thickness, the high-frequency electric spark cannot penetrate the porcelain layer.

The above is the specific tolerance data of glass lined reactor. However, it should be noted that chloride ions cannot be used in the medium in the reactor, because chloride ions can destroy the protective layer of metal oxide film, form pitting corrosion or pit corrosion, and intergranular corrosion will occur to austenitic stainless steel.