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Tips: purging method of glass lined reaction tank

Tips: washing method of glass lined reaction tank

Tips: purging method of glass lined reaction tank

The glass lined reaction tank accumulates a lot of dust and other sundries during storage, so it is necessary to clean all pipelines before using the reaction tank. Cleaning is generally carried out by purging. Now let’s briefly learn about the purging method of glass lined reaction tank.

1、 Purging and cleaning methods

Open the blind plate at the tail of each main pipe of the glass lined reaction tank and purge. The main steam pipe is purged with 0.3MPa steam; Purge the nitrogen main pipe with 0.3MPa nitrogen for 10-15 minutes; Purge the compressed air main pipe with 0.3MPa compressed air for 10-15 minutes; Cooling water main pipe and freezing main pipe shall be cleaned with cooling water respectively. After cleaning the main pipe, clean each reactor jacket one by one. Each branch pipe in and out of the jacket shall be cleaned separately. Open the valves of the valve groups of the inlet and outlet jackets, disconnect the inlet and outlet flanges from the glass lined reaction tank, and enter the corresponding media (cooling water inlet main pipe, freezing water inlet main pipe, hot water inlet main pipe for water cleaning, steam inlet from steam main pipe) from each main pipe into the branch pipe, and the water is discharged to the drainage ditch. The above scheme is adopted for cooling water return branch pipe and chilled water return branch pipe.

2、 Purging and cleaning standards

1. cleaning standard: use a beaker to compare the inlet and outlet water. If the color and transparency of the water at the outlet are consistent with the inlet water through visual inspection, it is qualified.

2. air purging standard: intermittent purging is adopted. In the process of air purging, when there is no smoke and dust in the exhaust by visual inspection, a wooden target board pasted with white cloth or painted with white paint shall be set at the exhaust port for inspection. If there is no rust, dust, moisture and other sundries on the target board within 5 minutes, it shall be qualified.

3. steam purging: if there is no rust or dirt on the target plate, it should be qualified.

The cleaning method and standard of glass lined reaction tank are introduced in detail in this paper. Before using the reaction tank, the user must clean the equipment according to the above methods before feeding, so that other sundries will not be mixed in the feeding process and the production quality will not be affected.