Welcome to Tanglian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.



  • In the context of the rapid development of science and technology environment, we promise our customers and suppliers to adhere to the concept of innovation and sustainable development, and all decisions are guided by innovation and sustainable development. Our primary goal is to ensure that products and services are available on time and on demand and to maximize the economics of the company, without compromising sustainability. Our procurement teams and suppliers, working collaboratively and inspiring each other, continue to innovate and challenge the status quo to deliver quality products and services to our customers and business units. By using advanced digital solutions, flexible and agile procurement methods are applied to improve compatible and efficient procurement processes.


  • Sustainability is now a must for future business success. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to Merck, which guides and shapes the corporate social image of the company. Engaging in sustainable sourcing can help us reduce waste, save energy, reduce our company’s carbon footprint and preserve resources for future generations. And supply chain and supplier management are an integral part of our success in achieving sustainable development. Properly managing the procurement supply chain and suppliers can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a contribution to the realization of the 2040 carbon neutrality goal.


  • Purchasing innovation is to better serve our business sector through supply chain innovation. To catalyze innovation, we root creative thinking in our DNA. Our team actively promotes innovative approaches to address unmet business needs and supplier markets and strives to create an environment for supplier collaboration and innovation. Thus, control the opportunities for internal and external innovation.


  • We are committed to providing the best products and services, ensuring quality and supply. In the current rapidly changing social environment, a strong supply capacity is our solid backing. Risk management is also an integral part of our procurement management. When managing our suppliers, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the risk factors and sustainability developments that each supplier may bring. At the same time, we actively seek to work with business units to jointly develop a systematic, structured and comprehensive risk management process.

About the Procurement Team::

  • Tanglian has more than 80 procurement experts serving business units in 9 countries around the world.
  • Tanglian has more than 700 suppliers, and more potential suppliers are being developed.


  • In a fast-paced technological environment, our customers and suppliers count on our commitment to put innovation and sustainable supply security at the core of every decision we make. Our overarching aim is to optimize the financial contribution for our company while we ensure that all goods and services are available on time, as specified and at the most sustainable conditions.
  • Together with our suppliers, our global Procurement team inspires each other to go the “extra mile” for our customers and Business Sectors. Constantly challenging the status quo, we implement compliant and efficient processes by using advanced digital solutions, applying them in a flexible and agile way.


  • Today, more than ever, sustainability is a key factor in future business success. As a responsible company, Tonglian has always been shaped and guided by strong values, which is why we believe sustainability is so important. There are multiple incentives for engaging in sustainable sourcing, i.e. it helps organizations eliminate waste, improve energy efficiency, reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and preserve resources for future generations. The supply chain and our suppliers are integral to the success of our overall sustainability approach. In particular, our Supplier Decarbonization Program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain, an essential element in achieving the company’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040.


  • We support the work of our various business units through supplier-supported innovation. As a catalyst for innovation, creative thinking is ingrained in our DNA. Our team actively drives innovative ideas to address unmet business needs in the supplier marketplace. For our business units, we strive to create the best path for supplier-supported innovation by creating a collaborative and creative environment with suppliers. Finally, we act as a facilitator of external and internal innovation opportunities. Let us know your innovative ideas!


  • Let us be your partner of choice. We are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers while ensuring optimal quality and service with minimal disruptions. Securing supply in our fast moving environment is the key to our success.
  • Risk Management is an integral part of our sourcing activities. When managing our suppliers, we consider dedicated risk factors and sustainability aspects. Together with our Business Sectors we determine the optimal approach to ensure a systematic, structured and comprehensive Risk Management process.


  • 80 procurement experts partnering with our Business Sectors
    Global footprint of sourcing managers in 9 countries.
  • 700 suppliers in our portfolio and many more on the market as potential innovation partner.