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  • Whether your project is an upgrade basing existing facility or a completely new production process installation, our team provides a unique source of responsibility and manages your project, from concept envisioning to design and installation. Tonglian’s engineering services cover all phases of a project, including: evaluation, pilot testing, troubleshooting, simulation, optimization, plant design, project engineering, project management, installation and commissioning.
  • Our engineers and designers develop the most cost-effective solution with optimized performance for your specific application, and our technicians will work with you at your facility to ensure proper installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

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Project with an annual output of 100,000 tons of thionyl chloride

  • Thionyl chloride, also known as thionyl chloride, sulfuryl chloride, thionyl chloride, etc., is a colorless or light yellow to red transparent liquid with a pungent odor under normal temperature and pressure. Thionyl chloride is soluble in some organic solvents such as benzene, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, and can be decomposed when heated to 150°C.
  • As a chemical raw material, thionyl chloride can be used in the production of permethrin, deltamethrin, ciprofloxacin, ibuprofen, sucralose and other products, and in the fields of medicine, pesticide, fuel, food additives, etc. The main application fields of thionyl chloride are pesticides and medicines Thionyl chloride is an organic chemical intermediate with excellent chlorination ability. It is used as a chlorinating agent in organic synthesis for chlorine replacement of nitro compounds, alcohol chlorination, acid anhydride chlorination, organic sulfonic acid synthesis, carboxylic acid chlorination, etc.
  • According to the “2022-2026 Global Thionyl Chloride Industry In-depth Market Research and Key Regional Research Report” released by the Tonglian Industry Research Center, globally, thionyl chloride production capacity is mainly concentrated in China, India, Europe and other countries and countries. The above-mentioned regions are also the major consumer markets for thionyl chloride in the world. The global thionyl chloride market size will approach USD 1.18 billion in 2021.
  • Thionyl chloride has a wide range of applications and huge market demand. In recent years, with the continuous growth of thionyl chloride market demand. After continuous development and accumulation, the compound annual growth rate of thionyl chloride market demand from 2017 to 2020 will reach more than 8.0%. The thionyl chloride market has entered a mature period, and the production process is becoming more and more mature. At the same time, with the upgrading of production technology, small and backward production enterprises gradually withdraw from the market, and the thionyl chloride market is relatively concentrated.
  • The production process of thionyl chloride mainly includes chlorosulfonic acid method, phosphorus oxychloride co-production method, sulfur dioxide gas-phase synthesis method, etc. Among them, sulfur dioxide gas-phase synthesis method is the mainstream production process of thionyl chloride. Among them, Shandong Triumph New Materials has the world’s largest thionyl chloride production base, with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons, and is a leading enterprise in the global thionyl chloride industry.
  • According to thionyl chloride industry analysts, as a chemical raw material, thionyl chloride has a wide range of applications. In recent years, the thionyl chloride market has been growing continuously, and the market prospect is broad.