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Adhesion between enamel and metal in glass lined mixing kett

Structure of glass lined reactor

Structure of glass lined reactor
Structure of glass lined reactor

In order to adapt to different application fields, glass lined reactor usually has different types of equipment. Although the structure of the equipment is roughly the same, the size of different types of equipment will be different. In order to better select and use the equipment, the relevant structures will be introduced next.

Glass lined reactor structure

1. The kettle and kettle cover are composed of stainless steel, reactor body and flange connecting line. The kettle cover is a traditional cover plate, which are evenly distributed along the circumferential direction, and the main bolts and nuts are firmly connected.

2. The main seal of glass lined reactor is a double line seal. Other sealing points are sealed by arc contact with plane, arc surface and arc surface. The reactor relies on the high precision and smoothness of the contact surface to achieve good sealing effect.

3. In the glass lined reactor, the cylindrical silicon carbide core is installed outside the reactor, and the electric furnace wire passes through the furnace core. The furnace bottom passes through the lower part of the furnace shell and is connected with the controller through terminal posts and rubber sleeve cables.

4. The glass lined reactor cover is equipped with pressure gauge, bursting disc safety device, vapor-liquid phase valve, temperature sensor, etc., so that people can know the reaction in the reactor at any time, adjust the proportion of medium in the reactor and ensure the operation safety.

5. The coupling is mainly composed of a pair of internal and external magnetic rings with strong magnetic force and a pressure bearing sleeve. The agitator of the reactor is driven by the servo motor through the coupling. The speed of the servo motor is controlled and the purpose of controlling the mixing speed can be realized.

6. The upper part of the sleeve is equipped with a speed measuring coil. When the agitator is combined with the inner magnetic ring, the induction coil generates induced electromotive force. The potential corresponds to the stirring speed, and the potential can be transmitted to the tachometer to display the stirring speed.

7. The cooling water jacket is installed between the magnetic coupling and the glass lined reactor. When the working temperature is high, the cooling water should be cooled, and the magnetic steel is too high to demagnetize.

8. The bearing adopts stainless steel or high-strength graphite bearing, with friction loss and long maintenance cycle.