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Safety operation specification for enamel reactor

Safety operation specification for enamel reactor
Safety operation specification for enamel reactor

We need to pay attention to the operation of the equipment at any time during feeding, discharging and operation of the enamel reactor, so as to ensure the use efficiency of the equipment and reduce equipment damage. The safety operation regulations of the equipment include:

(1) Feeding: be careful when feeding. There should be no hard objects falling into the equipment. At the same time, empty tank heating materials and hot tank cooling materials should be avoided as far as possible. The temperature difference should not exceed the technical index of the equipment. Block metal or sundries shall be strictly prevented from being entrained in the material adding equipment. For large hard materials, they shall be added after crushing. Try to reduce the temperature difference between the material and the tank wall, and avoid heating materials in the cold tank or adding cold materials in the hot tank;

(2) Operation: when using jacketed equipment, slowly pressurize and heat up. The pressure of 0.1mp shall be introduced in advance and maintained for a quarter of an hour, and then the steam shall be slowly introduced to reach the operating pressure. If conditions permit, the appropriate temperature rise and fall curve can be found according to the actual situation of the unit, which is generally controlled below 3 ℃ / min. During the operation of enamel reactor, pay attention to the sealing of flange, adapter, manhole and stuffing box, and take measures immediately in case of leakage;

(3) Discharging: when discharging, if the tank bottom is blocked, do not shovel with metal tools, but gently poke it with bamboo rod, plastic rod and wooden rod. When cooling is required at the end of the reaction, cooling water shall be supplied to the jacket after the temperature in the tank naturally drops to a certain extent to prevent sudden cooling. When acid and alkali act alternately, the service life of non alkali resistant enamel reactor is greatly shortened. Therefore, pay attention to the selection of products with good alkali resistance. The product shall not be used in the occasion of acid-base alternation. When discharging, if there is porcelain layer debris, open the pot immediately for inspection, and then use it after repairing the porcelain surface.

The above safety operation procedures of enamel reactor are strictly in accordance with its operation steps, so as to ensure the accurate and effective operation of each operation link. At the same time, it is also very important to regularly maintain, assess and inspect the equipment in order to avoid emergencies during operation.