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Precautions for feeding glass lined reaction kettle

Requirements for welding of enamel reaction tank

Enamel reaction tank has good corrosion resistance. It is a common reaction storage container in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. In installation and use, welding treatment is required, so what welding requirements need to be met to be qualified?

1. All welds shall be subject to endoscope and X-ray nondestructive testing, and meet the testing standards. Ensure that the weld is firm, flat and smooth, and meet the hygienic requirements of cGMP.

2. All welding points of enamel reaction tank shall be recorded (including welding parameters), and the operator shall hold welder qualification certificate.

3. After the welding of enamel reaction tank, pressure vessels and pipelines need pressure test, pickling and passivation treatment.

4. When welding the outer wall surface, cover the part near the glass lined layer with salt to avoid damage by spot welding slag.

In the welding treatment of the reactor, the operation shall be carried out according to the following points, so as to effectively avoid the problems of leakage in later use due to improper welding operation, which seriously affects the service life of the equipment and the safety of operation.