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Tips: purging method of glass lined reaction tank

reaction kettle

reaction kettle
reaction kettle

The installation process of reaction kettle is very important, because good installation steps can well prolong the service life and work efficiency of the reaction tank, so we must understand some installation matters when installing the product.
During the hoisting of greaction kettle,only the support and lifting lug can be used for stress, and the stress hoisting of weak parts such as connecting pipe, clip and nozzle cannot be used. Before the installation of reaction kettle, each part needs to be checked one by one to confirm whether it is complete. If there are defects that need to be replaced in time, crowbars, hammers, etc. are not allowed to directly contact the surface of enamel parts and enamel parts during installation, so as to avoid damage to the lining of enamel parts.
If metal components are to be set on the reaction kettle, construction is only allowed on the surface of non enamel parts such as jackets, and anti loose pins or anti loose nuts are also required.
A successful installation process can improve the working efficiency of the reaction kettle, so we must carefully carry out the relevant installation work to ensure that the above precautions will not cause problems, so that the installed reaction tank can have a good service life.