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Preparation before start-up of glass lined reactor

PTFE lined reactor

PTFE lined reactor
PTFE lined reactor
PTFE lined equipment
PTFE lined pipe fittings

Lining teflon high temperature resistance – working temperature up to 180 ℃. (according to medium and service conditions)

PTFE lining, low temperature resistance – good mechanical toughness; Even if the temperature drops to – 196 ℃, the elongation of 5% can be maintained.

PTFE lining is corrosion-resistant – it is inert to most chemicals and solvents and can resist strong acids, alkalis, water and various organic solvents.

Lined with Teflon, weather resistant – has the best aging life in plastics.

Lining PTFE high lubrication – the lowest friction coefficient among solid materials.

PTFE lining does not adhere – it is the smallest surface tension in solid materials and does not adhere to any substance.

The main working characteristics of steel lined PTFE pipe and equipment are as follows:

1. Atmospheric aging: radiation resistance and low permeability: long-term exposure to the atmosphere, and the surface properties remain unchanged.

2. Incombustibility: limiting oxygen index of 90 or less.

3. Acid and alkali resistance: insoluble in two kinds of strong acids, strong bases and organic binding solvents.

4. Oxidation resistance: strong oxidant and corrosion resistance.

5. performance: medium operating temperature: -100 ° C ~-180 ° C

6. Working medium pressure: when the pressure is 2.5MPa, the vacuum resistance is 70kpa at room temperature.

Shandong Tanglian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has specialized in the production of PTFE lined reactors for more than 20 years and has professional technicians. It is the only factory with display board clean room among the manufacturers of PTFE lined reactors in northern China. In addition, high-quality raw materials are also used in the selection of materials for production reactors, including the following aspects:

1. The plate used in the reactor is Dongyue plate, which is one of the best quality steel plates.

2. The welding rod imported from Japan is used to optimize the welding process to make the weld more flat and fine.

3. Most of the other tools used to make the reactor are imported high-quality products, which provides perfect equipment for technicians in the process of making the reactor.

4. The PTFE used is imported from Taiwan and the United States with quality assurance.

The company has independently developed its own exclusive production technology, which makes the coating have a high bonding force with the metal and greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.