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Preparation before using glass lined reactor

Preparation before using glass lined reactor
Preparation before using glass lined reactor

As an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment, glass lined reactor has been widely used in many industries. In order to ensure its excellent use effect, there are some preparations to be understood before formal use.

1. Operators must receive safety and on-the-job training, be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and master the equipment and process operation procedures.

2. Check the cleanliness of glass lined reactor, agitator and rotating part. Auxiliary pumps, indicating instruments, safety valves, pipelines and valves meet the safety requirements. Check whether the switching state of pipeline valves meets the requirements of process material conveying direction. Generally, the ball valve shall be in the full open or full start state, and the half open state is easy to damage the internal seal of the valve.

3. The main and auxiliary operators double check the chemical properties, quantity, adaptability to equipment material and capacity of the process materials to be fed into the high-level tank, and understand the requirements of corrosion resistance, nitrogen filling protection and so on. Check whether the heating, cooling and mixing speed meet the requirements.

4. Ensure that there is no lack of oil in the reducer, base bearing and glass lined reactor, and the cooling water of the pump is unobstructed.

5. For mixing equipment that has been shut down and repaired for a long time, reconfirm whether the transmission part is intact, turn the part or jog the motor, and check whether the mixing shaft rotates clockwise and reverses strictly.

6. Turn on the vacuum and recheck the sealing condition of the system. If the system uses glass lined sheet cooling, the circulating water between the sheet cooling jackets needs to be discharged to the water pressure of 0.15Mpa (gauge pressure) during vacuum pumping to avoid sheet cooling deformation and damage during vacuum.

After the above inspection is normal, vacuum suction or pump feeding can be started. The materials must be fed in order in strict accordance with the process requirements of glass lined reactor. The feeding order shall not be changed at will, and the feeding quantity shall not exceed the process requirements to ensure high efficiency.