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Formation and structure of glass layer in glass lined reactor equipment

Precautions for use and operation of glass lined reactor

In order to make the glass lined reactor effectively prolong its service life and give full play to its efficiency and performance, it needs to be carried out on the premise of correct operation. Therefore, we need to understand the following precautions before equipment operation, so as to facilitate use.

1. During the use of glass lined reactor, sudden cooling and heating of temperature are strictly prohibited to avoid damaging the glass lined surface. When heating with steam, the water in the jacket shall be drained first. When opening the steam or cooling water inlet valve, it is not allowed to fully open it at one time. It should be connected in advance until the jacket pressure is maintained at about 0.1MPa for 5-10 minutes, and then slowly open the inlet valve twice to prevent cold and heat shock from damaging the equipment. The heating or cooling rate shall be maintained at about 3 ℃ / min and shall not exceed 5 ℃ / min.

2. It is forbidden to knock the glass lined surface or its shell. During operation, hard objects shall be prevented from falling into the kettle and damaging the glass lined surface. Avoid using iron bars and shovels to mix in the equipment. If necessary, wooden bars and bamboo strips can be used for operation. During operation, try to avoid the contact between the shell of the kettle body and corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali. Once there is material contact, wipe it with a rag in time. It is forbidden to wash the glass lined reactor with water to avoid damage to the insulation layer.

3. When opening the manhole or handhole, the glass lined surface of the manhole or handhole cover shall be placed face down on the support made of cork. It is not allowed to put the glass lined surface directly on the hard ground or steel platform or put the glass lined surface face up. The removed clips shall be placed neatly nearby and shall not hinder operation or walking. During operation, always observe whether the thermowell is in contact with materials. Due to the large thermal resistance of glass lined pipe, the temperature display in the tank generally lags behind the actual temperature to a certain extent. The influence of thermal inertia and display lag factors should be taken into account during heating and cooling operation.

4. When the air temperature is ≤ 0 ℃, the water stored in the jacket shall be drained after use to avoid damage to the equipment due to freezing. For glass lined reactors equipped with mechanical seals. The sealing part shall be kept clean. In case of blockage at the bottom of the drum during discharging, metal tools shall not be used, but can be gently poked open with bamboo rod, plastic rod and wooden rod. If glass lined debris is found during discharging, the tank shall be opened for inspection immediately and reused after repair. The material added to the equipment shall not exceed the nominal capacity, and it is not allowed to add a small amount of material or empty tank for heating. Block metal or sundries shall be strictly prevented from being entrained in the material feeding equipment. For large hard materials, they are added after crushing. Try to reduce the temperature difference between the material and the tank wall, and avoid heating the cold tank or adding cold material to the hot tank.

5. When using the glass lined reactor with jacket, the heating or cooling shall be carried out slowly. When using steam heating, 0.1MPa steam shall be introduced into the jacket for 15min, and then the pressure shall be boosted until it rises to the operating pressure, but it shall not exceed the design pressure. The operating temperature range of enamel reactor under design pressure is 0 to 200 ℃. The lubricating fluid and sealing fluid in the mechanical seal cavity shall be clean without solid particles.

Because only under the premise of reasonable operation can we make rational use of the glass lined reactor, and we need to pay attention to the above matters in the process of use and operation. Clean regularly. Prevent some bad operations. And check the usage after using it for a period of time.