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Precautions for feeding glass lined reaction kettle

Precautions for feeding glass lined reaction kettle

Glass lined reactor is an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment. We must pay special attention in the process of use, so as to ensure its normal operation. There are too many things to pay attention to during the operation of glass lined reaction kettle. What are the details? Let’s get to know:

1. During feeding of glass lined reaction kettle, it is forbidden to carry metal or sundries in the materials, and it is forbidden to directly add large hard materials.

2. Avoid metal and other hard objects falling into the container and damaging the glass lined surface.

3. During feeding, pay attention to reducing the temperature difference between the materials and the kettle wall, and avoid heating materials in the cold kettle or adding cold materials in the hot kettle, so as to avoid internal stress due to large temperature difference and affect the service life of the equipment.

4. Heating materials for glass lined reaction kettle or cooling materials for hot kettle shall be avoided as far as possible. Excessive temperature difference impact will have a certain impact on the performance of enamel.

Here is a brief introduction to the precautions for feeding glass lined reaction kettle. During feeding, we should pay attention to the contents introduced in the article. We should follow the correct feeding requirements. We must not operate at will to avoid damage to the machine. If you have other doubts, you are welcome to pay attention to our dynamic updates at any time.