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Precautions for derusting and painting of enamel reaction kettle

Precautions for derusting and painting of enamel reaction kettle

Under the long-term influence of various external factors of enamel reactor, it is inevitable that there will be some losses, such as rust and surface wear. When these conditions occur in the reactor, the repair should be carried out in time, otherwise, allowing it to develop will only cause more serious losses. In the face of these situations, the repair can be carried out through rust removal, painting and other methods to stop the damage in time and make it look new. However, if you want to make the repair effect reach the standard, you should pay more attention to the following matters when removing rust and painting in the enamel reactor.

1. Paint, grease, oxide, etc. shall be removed during sand blasting. On the surface of enamel reactor, it shall be approved and recorded by relevant personnel before anti-corrosion and painting.

2. Before painting, the primer shall be thoroughly stirred and mixed, and the dust and moisture on the surface shall be removed with cotton yarn or compressed air. The enamel reactor that is derusted on the same day shall be painted with a layer of primer on the same day. The primer shall not be applied twice before drying, and the primer on the pipe surface shall be uniform without leakage.

3. Before sand blasting and derusting, check whether ovality, wall thickness and materials of all equipment comply with material specifications, otherwise they shall not be used.

4. Derusting and painting of enamel reactor shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of drawings and specifications.

Therefore, when cleaning and painting enamel reactor, we must pay more attention to the contents mentioned above. After repairing the damaged part of the reactor, we suggest that you can do some more protection and maintenance work, which can not only consolidate the repair effect of cleaning and painting, but also reduce the incidence of faults in the reactor and improve its use effect.