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Practical maintenance method of enamel reactor in case of damage

Particular maintenance method on enamel reactor once broken

Practical maintenance method of enamel reactor in case of damage

Enamel reactor is a kind of equipment with mechanical strength of metal equipment, which is widely used in chemical production. However, due to the quality problems of the enamel itself and the improper operation in the process of use, the enamel surface will fall off, explode and pierce, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment. At this time, it is necessary to repair the enamel reactor:

A more careful way to repair is to repeat. This method needs to dismantle the damaged enamel reactor and send it to the manufacturer, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive. Moreover, the steel plate thickness reduction is increased and the strength is also significantly reduced after each re enameling. It is important that the re enameling of one equipment should not exceed three times. However, in case of minor damage, it is not necessary to repair the whole equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate repair methods for repair. Otherwise, unexpected losses such as shutdown, accidents and environmental pollution will be caused.

Another repair method is to directly repair with various repair agents. This method is mainly used to repair the local damage of the surface lining of glass lined equipment and its parts. This method has the advantages of short repair time and low cost.

The specific operation methods are:

1. Surface treatment. After the parts to be repaired are determined, the deposits at the corroded parts shall be removed first, and the porcelain removal or perforation parts of the equipment shall be cleaned with tools such as file, grinder or angle grinder. The metal shall show its true color and roughen its surface. The principle is “the rougher the better”.

2. Cleaning. Clean the surface to be repaired with detergent. The cleaning area shall be larger than the surface to avoid re contamination of the cleaned surface.

3. Prepare glue. The domestic series of glass lining repair agents are two-component agents in the form of mastic: main material and curing agent. Put the main material and curing agent in a clean container in the ratio of 3:1, and fully mix them.

4. Apply glue. First, apply a small amount of repair agent evenly on the surface of the equipment to be repaired. When applying glue, move it in one direction as far as possible and apply a certain pressure. Grind and scrape it while applying it, and drive out the air bubbles to ensure that the repair agent is in close contact with the equipment surface. After the first application, apply the remaining repair agent to the repaired part of the equipment to make it reach the required specification. If machining is required after curing, allowance must be reserved.

5. Curing. Bake the repaired part with iodine tungsten lamp for 6~12 hours, and check the curing effect by listening to the knocking sound. The repair agent can be used after curing.

The above is the repair method for enamel reaction kettle in case of slight damage. Frequent maintenance will also reduce the working efficiency of the equipment, so we try our best to maintain it during use.