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What should be paid attention to during the operation of enamel reactor?

Methods of avoiding static electricity in enamel reactor

What are the reasons for the corrosion of enamel reactor

In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the enamel reactor, static electricity cannot be generated in the reactor, because static electricity will not only affect the reaction operation of the reactor, but also increase the operation risk of the reactor, and there is the possibility of explosion. Therefore, when operating the reactor at ordinary times, it is necessary to take measures to prevent static electricity.

The enamel reactor controls the eruption mode of the medium. The medium should be injected from the bottom of the reactor to prevent the medium from erupting from the top of the reactor. If the medium is injected from the tank top and the outlet of the pipe, the depth should be 200mm from the tank bottom. Control the flow rate of the medium. The greater the flow rate, the simpler the power generation. The safe flow rate of the reactor oil in the pipeline is v = 0.8 (1D) 12. Inert protective gas, nitrogen protection is added to the oil tank to reduce the nitrogen content in the oil tank, and explosive mixed gas will not form on the surface of the oil tank. Even if electrostatic discharge sparks occur in the storage tank, the safety of the reactor can be ensured. Prevent water from mixing with the reactor, prevent different media from being transported together, prevent liquid media, oil gas and compressed air from being transported together, and even make the reactor dehydrated. Pay special attention to dehydration before eating. The floating roof of the intermittent connection and floating roof oil tank shall be connected with the tank wall, and the pipes, valves, flow meters, filters, pumps, tanks, etc. shall be used for insulation or corrosion. Grounding, reactor and soliton shall be grounded to prevent grounding. Equipment electrostatic eliminator: the electrostatic eliminator equipment is at the end of the pipe and injects the charge into the phase pipe, which is opposite to the charge in the oil to neutralize the charge and eliminate static electricity.

After the reactor is in the filter, the fluid enters the front of the reactor to prevent static electricity. By adding antistatic additives, the conductivity of the medium is greatly improved, so that the static charges in the medium do not accumulate, and quickly leak to the ground through the floor. Operators shall pay attention to protection work and wear anti-static clothing.

In addition to the anti-static equipment, the enamel reactor should also standardize its own operation behavior to prevent the wrong operation mode from causing greater damage to the reactor. Generally, pay more attention to the protection and maintenance of the reactor, and then ensure that the reactor equipment can function normally, its normal service life will not be affected, and more importantly, ensure the safety during operation.