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Necessity of regular cleaning of glass lined heat exchanger

Matters in mixing operation of glass lined reactor

Matters in mixing operation of glass lined reactor
Matters in mixing operation of glass lined reactor

1. After feeding the materials, adjust the relevant valves to the appropriate opening and closing position to start the mixing. At the initial stage, strengthen the detection of the mixing operation. In case of obvious noise, vibration and other abnormalities, it is necessary to stop the machine for emergency treatment. If solid powder is added into the glass lined reactor, the mixing can be started only after it is fully dissolved.
2. Before heating the reactor, turn on the circulating water of the condenser.
3. Open the drain bypass valve first. After slowly opening the steam valve and draining the accumulated water, open the pipe bypass valve and drain the water with a steam trap to preheat the jacket.
4. The heating and temperature rise operation shall be carried out under the condition of mixing as far as possible. First, slowly open the steam stop valve and inject steam up to 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) through the steam stop valve. After holding for 15 minutes, slowly increase the pressure and temperature, and the pressure rise speed should be controlled within 0.1MPa every 10 minutes. The pressure in the jacket shall not exceed the specified value, and the temperature rise must also meet the process requirements.
5. In the process of dropping and heat preservation, the temperature and pressure of the reactor shall be checked frequently, and the conditions of materials in the dropping and glass lined reactor shall be comprehensively observed and recorded. When the temperature, pressure and material interface of the reactor are abnormal, corresponding measures shall be taken in time to maintain the normal reaction state, so as to prevent equipment and personal accidents.
6. When taking materials from the reactor, the stirring must be stopped for more than 2 minutes, and it can be carried out only after it is determined that there are no other potential safety hazards. It is not easy to insert hard metal containers that are easy to fall off into the glass lined reactor for sampling, so as not to damage the glass lined surface.
7. During the operation of glass lined reactor, the process operation procedures shall be strictly implemented, and overtemperature, overpressure and overload operation are strictly prohibited; In case of abnormal conditions such as overtemperature, overpressure and overload, corresponding treatment measures shall be taken immediately according to the process regulations. It is forbidden to react beyond the specified liquid level in the reactor.
8. Check the operation of the equipment at any time. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection in time.