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Maintenance of electric heating reactor

Maintenance of electric heating reactor

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1. The electrically heated stainless steel reactor shall be operated and used in strict accordance with the working pressure and temperature marked on the product nameplate to avoid danger.

2. The electric heating reactor shall strictly comply with the provisions on cooling, oil injection, etc. in the product operation manual, and properly maintain the equipment.

3. The oil level of the heat transfer oil shall be adjusted from time to time to prevent the heating area from becoming smaller or the heating pipe from being heated dry, resulting in damage to the heating element.

4. Check the heat transfer oil every other year to check its carbonation degree. If necessary, filter and reuse the heat transfer oil to remove the carbonation oil sediment at the bottom of the electric heating reaction tank. Consider replacing the heat transfer oil in case of poor carbonization.

5. The electric control instrument of the electric heating reactor shall be operated by a specially assigned person, and overload protection facilities shall be set as required.

6. When it is felt that the heating speed is slower than before, it is recommended to check whether the electric heating tube is broken down and short circuited. Inspection method: remove all wires on the electric heating tube, measure its resistance with a multimeter, remove and replace those with resistance of 0, and then re wire.

7. Regularly check the aging degree of the connecting wires and the electrical components in the control box to prevent accidents caused by short circuit.