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Main uses of stainless steel reactor

Stainless Steel Reactor
Stainless Steel Reactor

The stainless steel reactor in daily life is easy to be damaged if it is lack of maintenance. Stainless steel reactor has the advantages of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and sanitation. In order to reduce unimportant troubles, our employees need to have inspection skills. Here are some inspection methods:

1. Establish and improve the inspection and maintenance system: not only the stainless steel reactor, but also the production and processing machinery and equipment should have a detailed and timely maintenance plan.

2. Bottom inspection mixer:

The agitator is the power mechanism responsible for mixing animal materials. Due to the centrifugal force generated by long-term rotation, the tightness of screws and other connecting devices on the agitator must be checked. If it is loose, it shall be processed and tested in time to ensure the safety of the mixer.

3. Stainless steel reactor lining:

The damage that is easy to damage but difficult to find is naturally the lining of the reactor. It is necessary to carefully check the transmission parts, seals, agitators and other parts, because the failure of any part will immediately affect the operation of the reactor system.

4. The debris of the reactor shall be cleaned in time:

During the cleaning process, it is forbidden to use hard and sharp metal rods. Wood tools, complete bamboo sticks, plastic sticks and other flexible tools shall be selected to remove debris.

Stainless steel reactor is the main equipment in the field of machinery and chemical industry.