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Rendimiento del reactor glaseado

Jacketed Reactor

Jacketed Reactor
Jacketed Reactor

In industrial production, enamel reactor is a common production reaction vessel, which plays an important role. Now let’s learn about a special form of enamel reactor – Jacketed Reactor.
The Jacketed Reactor is that the jacket is surrounded by half pipe on the basis of conventional reactor. The middle part of the jacket of the half tank is the kettle body, the half pipe outside the kettle body is equipped with circulating cooling water, the cross section of the half pipe is semicircular, and the kettle body of the enamel reactor is welded with the surrounding half pipe.
Based on the particularity of the half tank jacket, the Jacketed Reactor has significant advantages in heat exchange: the enamel reactor with ordinary standard jacket has a larger heat exchange area, but the flow speed in the jacket is slow and the heat transfer system is low. Although the half pipe jacket glass lined reactor has a slightly smaller heat exchange area, the liquid flow speed in the half pipe is fast and the heat exchange efficiency is high.
Secondly, in terms of bearing pressure, because the jacket wall thickness of semi tubular enamel reactor is much thicker than that of traditional enamel reactor, it can bear greater pressure. When the pressure required by production reaction is high, semi tubular reactor is more appropriate.
Finally, the high-speed flow of medium in the half pipe jacket can effectively prevent the generation of dirt on the inner surface of the jacket, which greatly reduces the cost of jacket cleaning.