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Firing temperature of glass lined oxidation reactor

Inspection for purchasing glass lined reaction kettle

How to reduce the firing times of glass lined reaction tank

What should we do after we buy the glass lined reactor? Naturally, check the equipment to ensure that it can be used normally. How should we check it? Let’s have a look.

1、 Internal and external inspection

Check the inner and outer surfaces of the glass lined reactor for corrosion, wear and other phenomena. Use the naked eye or magnifying glass to check whether there are cracks in all welds, head transition areas and other stress concentration areas. If necessary, use ultrasonic or radiographic inspection to check the internal quality of welds and measure the wall thickness. If the measured wall thickness is less than the smaller wall thickness of the vessel, metallographic examination shall be carried out again.

2、 External inspection

The external inspection of glass lined reactor is mainly to check whether there are cracks, deformation, leakage, local overheating and other abnormal phenomena on the external surface of the reactor. Whether the accessories are complete, sensitive and reliable, whether the fastening bolts are intact and fully tightened, whether the foundation sinks and tilts, and whether the anti-corrosion coating is damaged. The inspector is mainly responsible for the external inspection of glass lined reactor, which is also part of the patrol inspection and daily inspection of operators. The container inspector shall conduct external inspection at least once a year.

3、 All inspections

In addition to external inspection and internal and external inspection items, pressure test shall be conducted, and nondestructive inspection of main welds or random inspection of all welds shall be determined according to the characteristics of glass lined reactor. For low-pressure, non flammable, non-toxic gas and non corrosive medium glass lined reaction vessels, if no defects are found, after certain use and inspection, non-destructive inspection shall not be carried out.

After all the above inspections and all the items are qualified, we can buy Glass lined reaction kettle, so as to avoid a series of troubles in the later stage. I hope this content can help you to buy Glass lined reaction kettle correctly