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How to stick the wall of enamel reaction tank

How to stick the wall of enamel reaction tank

When the enamel reaction tank is used to stir the reaction materials at ordinary times, because the materials involved are also different, some problems will occur when it is used. For example, some materials will produce a certain viscosity after the reaction, so what should be done when the equipment is used again.

First of all, when using the equipment, we must control the temperature and time of the materials involved in the reaction. When the heating temperature of the equipment is lower than 80 ℃, if we want to use some catalysts, but the reaction speed is relatively slow when the temperature is relatively low, so we can’t see much change in the aspect of pH value, but the pH value will drop rapidly after the temperature rises slowly, In addition, the reaction speed of the catalyst in the enamel reaction tank will also be much faster, so the materials in the equipment will have a more intense reaction, resulting in the gel sticking to the wall. Therefore, we also need to control the temperature and time after adding the catalyst when we use it at ordinary times, It is recommended that the temperature of the material should be controlled within 100 ℃ during the reaction.

When cooling and heating, the temperature is not controlled under a relatively stable condition. For example, sometimes, sudden cooling or heating during reflection will cause some serious damage to the equipment, and in this way, the proportion will appear during use, so it needs to be carried out slowly during heating or cooling.

The above two methods can solve the wall sticking of enamel reaction tank, but sometimes when the wall sticking occurs, the reasons are different, so we need to understand the reasons for the wall sticking first, and then use the corresponding methods to deal with it.