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Firing temperature of glass lined oxidation reactor

How to reduce the firing times of glass lined reaction tank

When we burn the glass lined reaction tank, a large amount of internal stress will be generated due to the drum, stamping and welding. At this time, we need to adopt the heat treatment method to reduce the number of times of burning. Let’s take a look.

1. The thickness of the enamel layer of the glass lined reaction tank is specified to be 0.8-2mm, and the times of enamel firing should be 5-7. Many enterprises reduce the times of enameling and increase the thickness of each spraying glaze during production.

2. In addition to annealing, the stress generated during the manufacturing process of the equipment shall be kept for 15 days after the equipment is enamelled. The finished equipment shall not leave the factory until there is no porcelain explosion during the static period.

3. In order to make up for the pinhole and porcelain explosion defects of the porcelain layer during the manufacturing process, it is not allowed to spray glaze and burn repeatedly, resulting in serious deformation of the equipment flange.

After the glass lined reaction tank is blasted and perforated, the jacket is filled with acid, and the acid liquid drops on the kettle cover or the heat transfer medium is acidic, then hydrogen is generated. Part of the hydrogen atoms diffuse to the metal cavity, where they are combined into hydrogen molecules to ensure the production efficiency of the glass lined reaction tank.