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How to measure the pH in glass lined reactor

How to measure the pH in glass lined reactor
How to measure the pH in glass lined reactor

Glass lined reaction kettle has been used in many fields. In the actual use of this equipment, due to the process needs, it is necessary to monitor the acidity and alkalinity of the materials in the kettle in real time. However, due to the corrosivity and pressure of the materials in the kettle, it is not convenient to detect with a general pH meter like other kettle, which brings great trouble to many users. In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, It is necessary to measure its pH in advance.

1. When ordering, the customer should specify to configure the acidity meter, so that we can reserve an interface for installing the acidity meter on the cover of the glass lined reactor. This interface is generally made into the connection type of flat welding flange;

2. The pH meter shall be made into a similar thermowell style, which can be directly inserted into the materials in the kettle and inserted into the materials as deep as possible, and the low end is equipped with pH detector;

3. Selection of pH detector head of pH meter: there are two kinds: domestic production and import. The prices of the two kinds are quite different. Customers should inform us of the characteristics of the material to select the appropriate probe with high cost performance. The characteristics of the material include: pH, reaction temperature and concentrated viscosity. If it is general material, it is OK to choose domestic one, and if it is highly corrosive and high reaction temperature, it is necessary to choose imported one, In addition, it also has a certain relationship with the mixing type and speed;

4. PH indicator of pH meter: it is installed at the top of the pH meter and connected with the probe at the bottom. Generally, digital display should be selected, which can be seen at a glance. If it needs to be displayed on the control computer, the connection terminal that can be connected to the export line should be selected, which is more convenient for operation;

5. If customization is required under special circumstances, the supplier and the Demander shall negotiate and determine.

The above is an effective method for determining the pH in the glass lined reactor. While providing us with convenience, the method can also ensure the accuracy of our operation and obtain accurate values, so as to meet the use of equipment.