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How to ensure the quality of enamel reactor

the quality of enamel reactor
the quality of enamel reactor

The enamel reactor can become the mainstream reaction tool mainly by its excellent quality and performance, so it is particularly important to ensure the quality of the product. We need to strictly control from its material selection to the production process.

1. Select high-quality basic materials. If the basic materials are unqualified, a large number of bubbles will be formed between the enamel layer and the substrate and inside the enamel layer, resulting in the reduction of enamel bonding strength. Therefore, we should pay attention to its quality when selecting basic materials;

2. Many blanks are composed of stamping parts and welding parts. The structure of welding parts is required to be reasonable and the thickness of sheet metal should be selected appropriately;

3. The blank shall meet the requirements of mechanized and automatic mass production;

4. The blank formed by stamping has high strength, high rigidity, light weight and good heat change performance;

5. The physical and chemical properties of the plate shall meet the requirements of enamel reactor products;

6. To ensure the quality of enamel, manufacturers should pay attention to rust and dust removal and the combination of bottom glaze and matrix in the production process.

The quality of enamel reactor is directly related to material selection and production. Reasonable material selection and development quality can ensure that the products will not produce impurities and have relatively good performance, which is the key to ensure the quality of reactor.