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How to choose the right stirrer for your glass-lined reactor

How to choose the suitable stirrer for your glass-lined reactor

How to choose the right stirrer for your glass-lined reactor

When the glass lined reactor is used, the agitator is often used for auxiliary operation. Because the agitator plays a very important role in the use process, the selection of a suitable agitator becomes the key to the use of the equipment. In this regard, in order to purchase a suitable mixer, we should follow the following rules.

1. According to the paddle mixing structure, it is divided into flat blade, inclined (folded) blade, curved blade and helical blade agitators. Both paddle and turbine agitators have flat and inclined blade structures; The propelling, screw and ribbon blades are of helical blade structure. According to the installation requirements, it can be divided into integral type and split type, so that the agitator of glass lined reaction kettle can be directly fixed on the mixing shaft without removing the coupling and other parts.

2. It can be divided into axial flow agitator and radial flow agitator according to the fluid flow pattern. When some agitators are running, the fluid produces both axial flow and radial flow, which is called mixed flow agitator. The impelling agitator is the representative of axial flow pattern, the flat blade disc turbine agitator is the representative of radial flow pattern, and the inclined blade turbine agitator is the representative of mixed flow pattern.

3. According to the use of agitators, they are divided into agitators for low viscosity fluids and agitators for high viscosity fluids. The agitators used for low viscosity fluids are: push type, paddle type, open turbine type, disc turbine type, brumakin type, plate and frame paddle type, three blade rear end type, etc. The agitators used for high viscosity fluids are: anchor type, frame type, sawtooth disc type, propeller type, spiral belt type, etc.

The reason why the appropriate agitator is selected for the glass lined reactor is mainly because the agitator realizes the complete isolation of the glass lined reactor from the outside world, thus realizing no leakage under high temperature and glass lined conditions. It is especially applicable to the mixing reaction of flammable, explosive, highly toxic and valuable media used in pilot scale and large-scale production under the conditions of high temperature, glass lining and vacuum pumping. It completely solves the problem of leakage that cannot be overcome by the mechanical seal and packing seal of glass lined reactor, and ensures that the environment and people are not infringed. Therefore, we must operate in accordance with the regulations.